Eco Arts Foundation Farm to Table Launch Party on May 13th

Eco Arts Foundation Farm to Table Launch Party 5-8pm and farm tour! An incredible meal by Cafe 21’s Chef Leyla will accompany performances by the legendary Angus Wilson and San Diego Music Award winning band The Moves Collective. Our gorgeous Coral Tree Farm dining space will be peppered with art from R. Piper, Jason Sall, […]

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Ashley Mazanec – “Let’s talk about the weather”

There was a band playing at Coral Tree Farm’s fundraising event last Saturday. The were playing the songs from Ashley Mazanec’s album “Let’s talk about the weather”. Ashley, eco events’ organizer, eco entertainer and podcaster, was singing and playing guitar. You can learn more about Ashley at http://ashleymariemazanec.com People gathered to see her tiny house […]

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Last heirloom tomatoes this season

We had different varioties of cherry heirloom tomatoes this year, the season is now almost over.

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First lettuce this season

First lettuce is available for pick up – 2 different heirloom varieties.

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It’s official! We are a non profit farm!

Great news ! Just as our farm crops are going into their transitional time changing between summer and winter crops, our entire farm has been evolving into its new phase of becoming a nonprofit.  Our formal name is now Coral Tree Farm& Heirloom Seeds Preservation Inc. Quite a mouthful description of what our farm has […]

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Summer gift baskets

This summer season’s bounty in our first baskets: Coral Tree Farm’s heirloom seeds, jams, herbs with Tidbits of Love by the local artist Sharon Belknap.

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Farm’s new plant – Cascade Hops

We are experimenting with Cascade hops this year. It is a big player among craft brewers – essential hop in many American Pale Ales and most West Coast IPAs. It requires plenty of space and and a lot of nutrient: healthy hop plants can grow up to 1 ft in a day.

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NEW – spreads, jams and marmalades from our farm’s produce!

We now have spreads, jams and marmalades for sale. Prepared with only Coral Tree Farm fruit, vegetables and herbs and made by hand Leucadia. There are many varieties with different and vibrant flavors. For example, ‘Pinot Gorgio Wine’ is made with Coral Tree Farm Mulberries, Lavender, herbs, spices and Pinot Gorgio Wine.

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Triumphant Violet Beans

We are now harvesting the Triumphant Violet Beans, some of these will be saved for seeds. They are Italian heirloom. Translated from Italian, this bean’s name means “purple triumph.”

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Heirloom Italian Candy Cane Beets

The Candy Striped Beet may look like a vegetable straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, but this striped beet is very real! So real that you’ll find them in your farmshare box this week! The Italian Candy Striped Beet, also known as a chioggia beet,  has its origins in Northern Italy and became popular […]

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Beet Basics

Beets grow almost year round in Southern California and our farm is no exception.  So, we thought we start off with the basics about beets before we give you a “bunch” of recipes.  Check out this Beets 101 video!  We’re sure you’ll get with our beat!  

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Coral Tree Farm wildflower flyer

A Day of Agriculture and Arts-a community gathering at Coral Tree Farm to celebrate National Wild Flower Week! May 7th

Join us at Coral Tree Farm for a day of Agriculture and Arts to celebrate National Wildflower Week. National Wildflower Week aims not only to highlight wildflowers’ beauty, but also to encourage community members to understand their value and take steps to protect them. Wildflowers and native plants help conserve water, reduce mowing costs, provide […]

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