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BACTERIA IS YUMMY – An Introduction to Fermentation on Sat. May 3rd

Explore the worlds of bacteria and yeast with local fermentor and homebrewer Mike Stivers. Learn to create your own natural probiotics in the form of delicious foods including sauerkraut, fermented vegetables, yogurt and kombucha. We’ll discuss the history and health benefits of fermented foods and students will make and take home their own jar of […]

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Herbs & Nutrition for Allergies and Inflammations by Herbalist Shana Lipner Grover – March 8th

Allergies are an inflammatory condition. There are many natural ways we can reduce our body's overreaction to allergens, from plants and foods to animal dander and chemical irritants. We'll cover supplements, foods and herbs that can aid in making the body less inflammatory and ease or stop allergies before they get unbearable.  We'll also cover […]

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Nutrition for Inflammation and Food Intolerance with Sandi Star of Karmic Health – March 15th

Course Description: This one hour course reviews the digestive system and how it effects the bodies organs; goes through GI disorders and reviews an anti-inflammatory diet protocol. In discussion we review how to implement and transition into an anti-inflammatory diet as well as how to create an optimal food base.   Course Objectives: By the […]

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Sage County Herbs presents Culinary Medicinals

Our best source of medicine comes from our food. Herbs as spices and teas, are a great way of incorporating the medicinal aspects into our diets without having to remember to take our medicine. This two hour interactive class teaches us through tasting of herbs about the value of flavor and medicinal potency of the […]

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A True San Diego Farm to Fork Experience – Encinitas

"Who knew that San Diego County has over 6,687 farms?! One of those farms is the Coral Tree Farm, located in the heart of Encinitas. I visited the local farm recently with some friends for a holistic cooking class like no other" … Read what Jigger writes about his experience on the farm on their […]

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Organic Heirloom lettuce san diego

Variety of heirloom lettuce, beets, Rainbow chard, etc. are available for sale during our public hours

We have a lot of greens currently available: three varieties of heirloom lettuce, five types of beets, Rainbow chard, green onions, snow peas, arugula, kale and more. You can purchases these during our public hours – Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

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