How to collect and plant parsley seeds – tips from Laurel

Although fall is not the rapid time of growth for herbs, it is still a good time to plant them, including parsley. Than when we do get rain, herbs already have nice woody structure of roots and the natural moisture of rain allows them to spread our nicely and grow during the cooler months.

Collecting Parsley Seeds. Once the parsley plant flowered, it usually doesn’t come back – so it is better to start all over by planting the seeds. You have to wait for a parsley to shoot a very long flower stocks and let the while flowers of the parsley plant stay there and dry. Once they are dry, see the picture below, it is time to collect the seeds. You can take the whole flower part and store it and the seeds in the plastic bag. Flower part can help the seed stick to the soil better.

Planting the seeds. To plant the seeds sprinkle them (just like you would carrot and many other herbs' seeds) on the surface of the thin layer of the moist compost that covers the soil) and keep it moist.