Whole Foods Encinitas partnered with Coral Tree Farm

Dedicated to sourcing products from the best local businesses, Whole Foods Market in Encinitas has partnered with Coral Tree Farm.

Some of the farm's heirloom vegetable and fruit varieties will be sold at the store. In addition, Whole Foods is looking to grow specific heirlooms from the "Ark of Taste", Slow Food's biodiversity list of heirlooms on the brink of disappearing, at Coral Tree Farm, so they can offer these rare varieties in Whole Foods Encinitas store. Each seed has a documented story to a certain degree. Coral Tree Farm is a primarily an heirloom grower and has been working on rare seeds preservation.

Whole Food Whole Foods volunteer team spent a day at Coral Tree Farm, built boxes, weeded and rowed the farm, seeded plants and potted dragon fruit cuttings. A new box is built with the material donated by Whole Foods.